ReCiPe™ (Rapid, Evidence-based Commercialization, Insights, Planning and Execution) is an operational philosophy that serves as the basis for everything we do. It is a set of instructions, which yields a particular result. Detailing the right combination of ingredients that will ultimately lead to commercial success.

The devil is always in the details and knowing how much or how little to incorporate makes the difference between achieving the ideal intended outcome or falling short of the mark.

  • Support early and long-term success without the initial overhead cost of a full commercial team
  • Inform a dynamic operational timeline with specifics for critical functional areas, e.g., marketing, market access, medical affairs, KOL development, patient identification, field-force optimization, etc.
  • Pragmatic, evidence-based strategies and proven tactics for clinical-stage rare disease and gene therapy companies across multiple therapeutic areas
  • Evidence planning and generation to support optimal pricing and contracting to attain the broadest patient population
  • Data driven insights help to inform a comprehensive strategy
  • Avoid poor strategic choices due to misinterpretation of data or commercial inexperience, which are compounded in an accelerated environment
  • Review of clinical trial design – are the right outcome measures in place?
  • Value creation through comprehensive strategic and tactical planning
  • Develop the right value proposition and the right story to attract investors
  • Eliminate suboptimal strategic decisions and competing priorities
  • Understand investment requirements from both fiscal and human capital perspectives
  • Consider the interplay of regulatory and commercial strategies to inform a comprehensive product development roadmap
  • Practical application of real-world experience from professionals who are exceptional at what they do and who have a documented history of success
  • Proper execution is often taken for granted and yet it is the biggest hurdle for companies to get right.
  • The importance of execution on strategy cannot be overemphasized. There is no recourse to recapture lost productivity or lost revenue.
  • Ability to rapidly and critically assess success of initiatives enabling course correction and adjustments that drive efficiencies